Yesterday I witnessed an experience which reaffirmed to me the importance of mastering your mind, and how your beliefs may be the cause of your own suffering.

So my brother has been sick these last few days, and just as he was about to go to bed, he was going to take a Tylenol cold pill along with an Omega-3, and some multivitamin gummies.

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard of some story where someone takes drugs and mixes it with other drugs and an unfortunate chemical reaction occurs within them which causes death.

This was definitely my mom’s stance on his decision on mixing vitamins and a Tylenol cold pill 😂

My mom has a trigger. And not listening to what she thinks is best is one of them. Obviously her intentions were pure – she didn’t want anything to happen, but we were pretty certain he would have been absolutely fine. It’s not like he was on heart medication and snorting cocaine.

There was tension between the obvious logic of the situation and her firm belief that something may happen, and exchanges were made, and hearts got upset.

And it made me realize again (as life always does), the importance of reclaiming your mind. It is of the utmost seriousness to illuminate all corners of your mind – to really see it for what it is and how it influences your experience of life.

All of us have thoughts, beliefs and mental patterns that create suffering within us. The unenlightened have no clue this is happening, and they are swept here and there in the rising and falling of the mind and its moods. The enlightened know this, and put the illuminating of this darkness within the mind with the light of the Self as a constant priority.

This is why the mystics say that discernment is so important. We use the mind to discern what is True, and we focus it solely on that. This kind of mental training is necessary to purify the mind so you can eventually master it.

Without rigorous self-discipline and the devotion to know Truth, falling victim to these mental patterns is inevitable.

What beliefs do you have about yourself and your life that contribute to your own suffering? What triggers keep playing out in your life that lead you to experiencing the same negative emotions over and over again? Today, it might be one reason, tomorrow it might be another, and the day after, yet another.

Suffering has many branches, but only one root. That root is the mind, and if you can uproot the mind, you will master your reality.

This is why I teach mind mastery. Because without mastering your mind, you can never have full control over your life. You can never liberate yourself from the suffering which plagues our world today.

Mastering your mind is essential. If you ever want to have total peace, joy and love that is unshakable by chaos, and untouchable by death and destruction, you must learn to master your mind.

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