The power of your Higher Self is immense. The perfect example to understand the power you have within you is to compare it to that of the sun’s rays and a magnifying glass. If you can somehow focus the power of these scattered rays, you can tap into this power source within you in a powerful way.

You need a method. A system. A framework. Your very own personal Way.

Throughout history, various sects of thought, philosophy, tradition, and belief – from esoteric mystery schools, to the spiritual yogis of India – have attempted to create a system that allows the human being to tap into the power of one’s Higher Self; meditation, mantras, celibacy, prayer, yoga, staring into mirrors – even some radical ones like the tapasya (strict spiritual discipline of a spiritual aspirant) of never sitting or laying down – ever.

I think it can be safely said that there is no method that exists that is the method. The method (framework, process, routine) is a method that works for you. So you must look at yourself and your life and experiment a little. Discover what works for you. As you engage in this process of observing what does not work in your life and discovering what does by your personal experimentation, you will experience greater freedom and more control over yourself and your life.

Why is a method necessary?

It is only through discipline that anything great in this world can come forth. To write a great book you must sit down everyday and write. Little by little you will achieve your goal. The same discipline is needed in spirituality. Your discipline of choice (in this case, a personal spiritual system of some sort), will allow you to ground yourself in your Higher Self. It will allow you to live from this inner place of peace and power. It (your method) will be your way of mastering your mind and body, so you can use them as tools to experience and express your Self.

Without discipline – which is conscious intention and action – our mind and body acts subconsciously or unconsciously. We become the products of our mental programming (which is usually limiting, unaligned, unhealthy, unfulfilling, fear-based, inauthentic). Our lives become the expressions of society instead of our soul.

This is a painful way to live.

With a method, framework, system or process to engage ourselves in, we can transport ourselves to the place of our Higher Self, and become the masters of our reality. We will see and experience Life from the perspective of our Higher Self, and we will respond to Life consciously – in a way that is pure, aligned and authentic.

The Necessary Elements

Knowledge of Self

In order for you to tap into the power of your Higher Self and allow it to guide you on your journey and path of Truth, you need right knowledge. And this includes:

  • What your true Self is (its qualities and nature)
  • Your personal potential – including your true desires and personal strengths

In order for you to acquire this knowledge and wield its power, you have to study. Study the works of spiritual masters. Listen to what they have to say about your true nature and what is possible. Study the scriptures of great spiritual works. Allow this knowledge to reprogram your mind. Read books. Associate with the wise. Soak up Truth and apply it in your life. Reject everything that is weak in thought and which does not promote the living of your Higher Self.

Whenever you have free time, some of that time should be spent studying the works of spiritual masters. Daily spiritual study will keep you inspired, empowered, aligned, tapped in and turned on. You will know thyself and you will know how to move in this world.

Right knowledge is necessary for right living. Your reality is a reflection of your mind. Your mind is like a GPS system. To get to the right place (your true desires), you must punch in the right directions. The problem with most of us is that we do not know how our mind works. So the directions we give our mind is incorrect in regards to where our Higher Self truly wants to be. We want to know God but we allow unholy thoughts, ideas and beliefs to take root in our mind. We want to experience abundance but the state of our mind is direly impoverished. We want to not suffer – to not feel sad, angry, unfulfilled, unworthy – but we fill our minds with garbage, negativity, evil. We want one thing, but we walk in a completely different direction.

You not only need to master your mind whenever it goes astray, but you must fill it with goodness and Truth (or whatever else it is your heart and soul desires). The more you fill it with goodness and Truth, the deeper the impressions they will make in your mind and the more you will see goodness and Truth reflected in your reality. You will embody it, live it and experience it.

Spiritual routine

A spiritual routine of some sort will allow you to connect with your Higher Self on a consistent basis; it will keep you aligned and empowered and overtime, you will develop spiritual strength, mastery and willpower. It (your routine) can be anything. If it gets you to the place deep within – the place that feels like Home, the place where you are Whole, the place where wisdom sprouts – then it is good. Start now. This spiritual routine will change as you change. As you engage in your process more and more, you will venture deeper and deeper into yourself, no longer identifying with the world of form, but participating in it, guided predominantly by your inner spiritual life.

A spiritual practice early in the morning will put you in the right state of mind and being for the rest of the day. And a spiritual practice before sleep can help you process the day’s events and prepare you for the day to come. You can also observe your life for any patterns and use them as triggers for spiritual habits; when you eat, you pray; when you brush your teeth, you repeat a mantra; when you’re commuting for work, you study spiritual scripture; before dinner, you meditate. Spiritualize your life little by little, until you spiritualize every thought, breath and movement. It is an incredibly rewarding way to live.

Spiritual techniques

You will have to experiment to discover what techniques work for you. An arsenal of personal techniques that you can use at any given time and in any situation; to heal, empower, calm, inspire, seek guidance, and revitalize one’s spirit through out the day will prove incredibly valuable on your personal journey. Some techniques worth exploring and experimenting with:

  • Mantra/affirmation
  • Prayer
  • Mindfulness
  • Gratitude
  • Pranayama (breath control)
  • Meditation
  • Fasting
  • Silence
  • Devotion, worship, reverence
  • Selflessness, service

Your spiritual process will evolve as you evolve. My current spiritual practice consists of a lot of meditation. I find myself meditating a lot more than I’ve ever meditated before. Whenever I am not needed in the external world, I naturally retreat inward. Even when I’m at work and the circumstances allow it, I will sit down, with eyes-closed, to connect inward. I wield mantras a lot too, creating juicy phrases that reflect that which I desire to experience in my life. Since I’ve made spiritual study an increased focus in my life, I’ve also found a deepening in my spirituality as well. I do not rely on spiritual study to experience Truth – as that can only be experienced directly through life (rather than learning about it through your mind) – but spiritual study does help to inspire and guide one inward. I try to make time for study everyday, reading the scriptures of great works, or the ideas of great teachers, yogis, philosophers or mystics. Spiritual study is like lighting up the inner map which for most is unknown and unseen. From the enlightenment gained by study, it is up to you to decide what step to take and on which path.

Your Way is The Way

At this particular moment in your life, what do you need? Ask your heart this. Ask in silence. It takes some development to hear it clearly. And you must learn to distinguish between the voice of your ego (fear-based, selfish) and the voice of your heart/soul/Higher Self (wise, aligned, true). Discover your needs and your wants and develop practices that get you there.

Perhaps it is a feeling you desire to experience (peace, calm, faith). Perhaps you need guidance on how to handle something in life. Perhaps you need to make a change. Perhaps you need to do something (call your mom, pray, go to your bookshelf and open a random page to a book). Perhaps you just need to enjoy the moment. Find out what it is you need, and do it.

Spiritual discipline will get you into the habit of relying solely upon your Self. To take responsibility for yourself and life. To become the master of your reality. Go deeper. Live your ideals. Everything you need is within you. The next step is laid out before you. Have faith and take it.

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