A spiritual awakening occurs when one realizes that the nature of reality is far greater than what they have been conditioned to believe. When someone has a spiritual awakening, their consciousness expands in size and raises in vibration. Spiritual masters have expanded their consciousness to include everything (Oneness/Non-duality) and have trained themselves to have a high vibration (Love).

Here are some notable signs and symptoms of someone who has just spiritually awakened:

1) You become hungry for Truth

When you first have your spiritual awakening, something occurs that shatters the conception of your worldview. For me, when I realized the corrupt forces of power that governed and influenced much of our planet, it confirmed the suspicion I had as a little boy which was that something was wrong with the world.

This realization shattered my worldview, and so as my consciousness began expanding, I became a seeker. I become hungry for Truth. I read books, searched high and low for the Good & Real, and did a lot of work on my self – to heal, to learn, to self-actualize and self-realize. I abandoned what was considered normal and safe by society and found the courage to walk my own path instead.

2) You experience loneliness.

This walking of one’s path is the beginning of The Hero’s journey – a universal path all those who yearn for Truth must walk. And it can be quite lonely. Friends you grew up with or spent much of your time with begin falling away. You begin to distance yourself from the superficial chatter of society. You begin retreating inward, into the vast inner realms of your Self as if you were on a hunt looking for treasure.

3) You begin taking your life seriously.

You study voraciously. You establish healthy habits and try to replace negative ones. You want to live a long, happy, healthy and meaningful life and you know the only way that’s going to happen is if you make it happen.

4) You try to change the world.

But when you dig a little deeper, you realize you can’t so you ….

5) Be the change you want to see in the world.

You realize that the only true change that makes a difference is changing yourself. Your identity changes, your lifestyle changes, and your life direction changes.

6) You begin to feel an interconnectedness with all things.

As you grow spiritually, you realize there is a distinction between your soul and your ego. And as you focus more upon the truths of your soul instead of the superficialities of your ego, you begin to get a sense of the ultimate reality of Oneness. You begin to feel connected to the things around you, to animals and people. You cannot help but develop compassion with this realization because you begin to see yourself in others.

7) Your focus shifts from achieving in the outer world to exploring and discovering the inner realms within you.

Your spiritual awakening pulls your focus from the outside world, and emphasizes it on your inner world – you thoughts, beliefs, dreams, fears, imaginations. It becomes a very enlightening experience. You begin to learn why you are the way you are. You see yourself from a higher perspective – from the place of your Self, or Spirit.

8) You become less interested in the material world and more interested in the spiritual.

This experience of spiritual awakening can cause you to really think about what is important in life. A life devoted to achieving spiritual wholeness is preferred to a life in pursuit of material gain.

9) You experience true peace, love and happiness.

Before your spiritual awakening, life was confusing. It felt like a constant existential crisis not knowing why you existed. But after your spiritual awakening, as you begin to heal yourself of your past traumas and wounds, you learn how to master your state, and thus experience true peace, love and happiness. It’s rich, infinite and independent from the outside world. You learn how to be happy for no reason, how to love yourself unconditionally, and how to deal with what comes your way with a calm mind and an open heart.

10) You begin to perceive your life from a higher consciousness.

As your consciousness expands and you become wiser, life doesn’t have so much of a hold on you. You learn how to see through things – whether someone is triggered and lashes out at you angrily, to understanding why you have certain drives and motivations that influence your behaviour, to seeing the divinity that exists within all things. Your spiritual principles have authority over the values of the outer world. You are guided by your soul.

11) You’re okay with things being as they are.

Life after a spiritual awakening is not free from hardship, but as you deepen in your spirituality, you train your inner world to remain detached from the outer world – that is, your state is independent from the happenings of the outside world. You are free. You’re okay with it all. If bad things happen in your life, you deal with it from a higher consciousness. The same goes for good things. “Bad” and “good” are mental conditionings and you know that there is good in the bad and bad in the good. So you learn how to flow with it all.

12) You lose your fear of dying.

As you spiritually awaken, you realize that human beings have an innate fear of death because … well, because we don’t exactly know what’s going to happen to us. Will we go to hell because we sinned? Will I even exist after I die? Or is death a dark empty oblivion?

Once you wake up, you begin to see that much of our fear of death are imaginations. Death is our destiny, so why make such a big deal of it? As you spiritually mature, you might even find yourself looking forward to it – not in a cynical suicidal way – but in a natural and curious way. When we die, we get to see if death is actually a door! (:

13) You begin experiencing synchronicity.

As you gain more awareness, you may realize synchronicities happening in your life – you look up at the clock at a completely random moment and see 222, or it’s a license plate that says 444, or perhaps the number of the address on a street building. These synchronicities are affirmations that your consciousness is expanding. If you see a particular number repeatedly, you might want to research it’s meaning. You might receive a much needed message!

14) You are guided by God or your Higher Self.

Your spiritual principles and living a life in alignment with them is important to you. So much so that you will abandon the superficial values of society and your culture. You don’t want to live a shallow, superficial life. You crave the depth and authenticity of your soul.

15) Life becomes a wonderful journey.

The Buddhist’s say Life is suffering, and if you look around, at your life and in the world, there is certainly no contesting that statement. But it’s not all bad. Difficult? Sure. But as you spiritually mature, you learn to live life with an equanimity – an unbiased acceptance of all that comes your way. And the result is a grace and flow that makes all you experience smooth and enjoyable.

16) You begin understanding the laws of the Universe.

All things in existence are governed by universal law. There is a natural rhythm and harmony permeating and driving all of life. If you can understand this, you can learn to flow deeper with that which is happening in your life. There are good times, and you relish them, enjoying your moments. And there are bad times, and you learn to tread the path with grace. You begin to understand the non-dual essential nature of polarity.

17) You develop your own personal understanding and connection to God.

God. We all have this innate sense and curiosity as to the mystery we call God Рthis transcendent Greatness and Power which is the fundamental basis of all things. The Universe, Brahman, Allah Рwhatever name you give it is up to you Рand how deeply you devote yourself to It and in what way is entirely yours to decide for yourself. 

18) You learn to suffer less.

Suffering never ceases on the physical, outer, relative level (I mean, we’re going to die one day). But internally, there is a maturation going on that allows you to perceive your life from a higher perspective. This place within you, the place where your soul resides, is not touched by suffering. Not even by death. And so, if you can learn to perceive and relate to life from that level, you can learn to lessen the suffering of your life, or as the Buddhists aspire, to escape suffering altogether.

19) You learn to live in the present moment.

You realize that there is only ever this moment. Everything else – the past and future – is imagined. As you learn to live more presently in the here and now, this will become your superpower.

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