One thing that is essential to remember on your spiritual journey is that it is you who sits at the throne of your life. You may not have power over the outer world in which you were born (The Matrix, as we call it), but you do have total mastery over your Self. And that is the greatest superpower.

It’s essential to keep a strong connection to the space of the heart. There is a lot of energy out here that you can get swept away in, and without developing a strong and clear connection to your power, you are left drained and exhausted by the demands, concepts, and suffering of the world.

Each moment is an opportunity for reflection; a quick check-in to see where attention is placed. This is mindfulness, and when the mind is full, it is whole, and in a sense, empty. It is so full with the presence of God, that there is no place for thought. This is when you get a taste of divine bliss. This is the ultimate experience. This is where Heaven is birthed.

Each moment is always an opportunity to connect, the quality of your life experience dependent upon your connection. How deep can you go? This is what you must discover for yourself. The Way is within.

As you tap into God, you tap into pure power and potential. The limitations, structure, and rules of The Matrix begin to dissolve. You are accessing a different state of consciousness and thus living in a different dimension of being.

With each step, with the power of Presence, we are called. The details of that calling will be unique to you and the moment. It is a dance, a play, a beautiful script unfolding right here, right now before you, for you.

Do not lose yourself to this world. We are only visiting.

The greatest gift that you can offer this world is your Presence. Give them a glimpse of God, of Love.


December 20, 2019

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