After an extremely productive morning of following the energy of my alignment, I found myself driving to the parking lot of one of my secret nature getaways.

I parked in a relatively secluded part of the lot and pulled up next to the side of the lot where there was lots of greenery.

The morning was filled with lots of energy, excitement and movement (I spontaneously did Tai-chi with a group of souls in a local mall), and so I was excited to slow down, to take a moment to pause, reflect and go within.

I looked outside the window to the side where a bunch of reeds were being tickled by the grace of wind, and they whispered to me. I sensed Jesus was there, and he said to me, “Oh sweet Child.”

“Hey, hi.”

“Lay back. I’m going to heal you.”

I reclined my chair, closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and brought my awareness to the energy of my body.

I sensed him in front of me.

“I am going to activate the healing powers of your light body.”

I sensed him move behind me, his hands above the top of my head.

He wasn’t alone. He brought with him a community of what we might call angels, and they surrounded my entire body, in all directions.

“Follow me.”

He started at the top of my head.

“I am activating your light body. I am going to replace your old body with a new body. We’re upgrading you, if you will.”

I increased my awareness of the energy at the top of my head.

“You are being healed now. This new body of yours will be pure.”

My awareness slowly worked it’s way down the top of my head.

“This new body contains everything that you need.”

Down slowly, slowly.

I imagined the energy of this new body permeating and replacing my old body, space by space, atom by atom, cell by cell.

“It has an open heart.”

I continued sensing this healing take place through out my body, moving slowly downward; my face, my neck, my shoulders, my chest, down down down.

“Your light body is activating all your other bodies too; your emotional body, mental body, physical body – all is aligning.”

I sensed the community of healers move closer, the thousands of hands surrounding the entire of my body, their healing energy pulsing out of their hands into the energy body I was focusing on.

“Take a deep breath. Breathe all this in. Cast away the old and all that does not serve you anymore. Replace yourself.”

I felt like I was being born again. And in a way, it was almost orgasmic.

I was making my way down; my lower torso, my hip area, down my thighs, down my knees, down my legs, to the soles of my feet.

The energy pulsed there. The angels pulsed their energy into me. I was alive. I felt new.

“Thank you.”

I’m healed.

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