So ever since I was a depressed teen in high school, I have always wondered what it took to live your dream.

I mean, we all wonder that, don’t we? We all know that inside of us is a greatness unique to us; we all have joy, kindness, fun, adventure, beauty and genius within each of us that we can offer the world.

We all want to live our dreams. We all want to live an exciting life. We all want to serve. We all want to live abundantly. We all want to LIVE, and not just exist.

But despite these desires, our dreams seem impossible. We have to work. We have bills to pay.

The reasons are plenty: I have to be realistic. I don’t know how. I’ve tried and it just didn’t work out. I’m afraid.

Because I was hungry to understand how to live my dreams, I studied the successful people in our world that I admired – from spiritual mystics, to artists, to wealthy entrepreneurs.

And there was one thing they all had in common.

They all lived in alignment.

My high school days were over a decade ago. And since then, I’ve been passionately refining this process that makes any dream a reality into a science that anyone can do to make any dream, outcome, desire, or state into reality.

We all have dreams. We all desire to reach a higher state of consciousness – whether that’s through manifesting a million dollars, or simply learning how to be at peace in each moment – the process is the same.

When you live in alignment, everything that you could ever want or desire is instanty available to you.

I live this everyday. And if you’re interested in learning how to do so too, to live in alignment with your Higher Self (yes, you have a Higher Self), to actualize your potential, to make your dreams a reality, and to make the world a better place, I’m going to be teaching this process soon to those of you who are eager to transform your lives.

We all deserve to live our dream. We all deserve to be happy and to live a meaningful, purposeful life. We all deserve abundance.

Until the next one,
Love and blessings, soulfriend,

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