The Truth is, you’re already enlightened. (Because there is no way you can’t be.) You’re already consciousness.

But there are a few things you can do to deepen your awareness and embody more of your Truth, rather than unconsciously living in autopilot.

This is key for a number reasons:

  • You’re living from your limitless Self rather than the limitations of your mind’s story
  • You’re being present in The Now and allowing your intuitive wisdom to respond to life rather than reacting from your mind
  • You’re taking control of your reality rather than playing out old unaligned patterns in your life

Living a conscious life helps bring loving-awareness into all aspects of your life. And here are three tips which you can use in any moment through out your day to realign, refresh, and be the wonderful-amazing-glorious Being that you are.


When was the last time you were conscious of your breathing? Maybe during meditation, or exercise, or during sex. (Is there a difference?) 😛 Maybe you’ve never really brought awareness to your breath before. That’s okay. It’s kind of a strange thing to tune into at first.

Breathing is an unconscious bodily function, but when you make it conscious, it can be a very powerful spiritual practice. The breath is energy that allows you to exist in this world. When you master your breath, you master the world.

When you focus on the breath, you tune your awareness into your Self. You can use this practice as a way to remember who and what you are. When the world is a whirlwind of noise and emotion, tune into the inner silence, stillness, and spaciousness within.

Remember, you may not be able to control what happens outside of you, but you always have the power to Be who you are. And that’s a beautiful and powerful thing.


Feelings are wonderful things. Just like the breath, they can anchor in awareness into the body and be an opportunity to go deeper into the Self.

Your body is always feeling. Sometimes you may feel sad, or restless, or worried, or afraid. Sometimes you feel joyous, beautiful, passionate, alive. Your feelings are your friends. They let you know you’re here.

This practice is helpful in bringing your attention to the present moment – not the pain of your past, and not your fear of the future. You’re right here, and right now.

And if you allow yourself to feel. You might discover that, despite what you’re feeling – whether your mind deems it positive, or negative – fundamentally, deep within you, you’re okay. You always have been.

Living in alignment with this deep core Truth, this deep core Self, is the practice that masters point to again, and again.


Do you know what it means to Be? This is the ultimate spiritual practice.

Look at a baby. It comes into this world, eyes open and shining, completely present, free of mind, observing this fantastic experience we call Life. We are all naturally liberated, open, resting in bliss. Trouble begins when the mind develops.

Being means being aware. Be aware of your feelings. Be aware of reality. Be aware of your thoughts. Be aware of your body. Like a baby. Or a scientist.

By being aware, you are being what you truly are. You can allow life to be as it is and you can have an interesting time here observing it.

When someone outside of you is having a bad day and they say something mean to you, you can observe it. “Oh, look at that. I wonder why they’re feeling that way.”

When you are Being, you are your expanded Self so to say. When you identify with your mind and see reality through your thoughts, you limit your Self and you limit Reality.

There is a distinct difference which can only be learned through experience.

Try it! Enter this present moment free from the mind’s thoughts, with the holy curiosity of what the heck all this is. You just might start crying.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Being alive is a glorious existence. To Be fully and live fully is an extraordinary thing. You just have to learn to open your Self up to it.

These practices will help not only bring an energy into your life that you are seeking for in heart and soul, but into the world.

This world needs loving-awareness. It needs consciousness. It needs fully awakened Beings to realign this world.

It takes courage. And you don’t have to go it alone.

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